Parent Advisory Council

Mother's Day May 12, 2017

Dear all,

Thanks for joining us for the breakfast, yoga exercise, Asian Human Services tutorial today. Special thanks to Ms Wong, Ms. Grace & another gentleman who have given us such a wonderful exercise opportunity & community resources.

Here are some of the pictures that were taken by me today. I'll share more pictures (from Ms Coutre) with you later.

Hope all of you had fun today!

Best regards,

Ms Cheung

希望大家今天玩得開心! 感謝 AHS 的瑜珈老師及員工給我們運動的機會和社區資源資訊。

附上照片 (請按:

請轉發給沒有在這 email 上的家長們 (今天與我們一起旅行的家長)。

我收到 Ms Coutre 的照片會再發给大家。

Ms Cheung 敬啓

Mr. Mei- Chairperson
Ms. Sanders- Vice Chairperson
Ms. Ai Yu Lin- Recording Secretary
Ms. Johnson- Correspondence Secretary
Ms. Juan Lin- delegate

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