Website design & maintenance for pre-k, primary and secondary schools & small business


WebSiteings specializes in professional design, development and maintenance of custom designed websites for pre-k, primary & secondary schools as well as small business. 


We work closely with each client to develop a website that truly represent their school, and showcase their achievements, values and community.  WebSiteings will create an on-line presence for school complete with your handbooks, forms, documents, photos, pod casts and videos - accessable 24hrs a day.  Plus, with a WebSiteings maintenance agreement, you don't have to assign the dreaded task of updating the web site - we'll maintain your website and with a little assistance, keep the content up-to-date. 


WebSiteings ability to weave strong visuals with vibrant layouts and intuitive navigation sets us apart.

Feel free to contact us - just click on the spider on any of the pages to send us an email.


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